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Enjoy the Reality beyond Metaverse!

Educated by Tours

This program is 100% designed according to the course curriculum.

Comforted by Tours

This program is designed for the special ones with different needs.

Inspired by Tours

This program is designed to inspire our thinking and for life learning.


We are a Marketing & PR agency, exchange tailor and tour tailor who is dedicated to assisting schools, NGOs, social enterprises, business units, travel agencies and special groups in planning and arranging both online and offline activities such as forums, tourism projects and all kinds of exchange activities.


Our team has over 20 years of verifiable experiences in market planning and PR management. We keep the confidentiality of your organisation's information and ideas; and at the same time, we assist you in planning unique, innovative, feasible services and solutions within your budget that fit your organisation's image and philosophy.


Please feel free to share your ideas with us!

About us
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